• Wedding Cake Topper

    A week after we got back from our honeymoon a very talented friend of mine offered to photograph the remaining top three (faux) layers of my wedding cake. The result was stunning. I’m blessed to have incredible friends. Of course I made my own wedding cake, the original cake was 6 tiers, I chose to …

  • Vintage Birthday Cake

    Did this cake for vintage birthday party which I also had the pleasure of attending, flowers are handmade. It was a simple chocolate fudge cake inside. Enjoy!    Dig in! Such a fun night! ( I also made the mini cupcakes)

  • Dinner Party Cupcakes

    My girlfriend asked me to make some cupcakes for her dinner party that would match her new decor. Just wanted to share these pudry little guys with you!! Enjoy!

  • Cake Fight!!

    My soon to be hubby and myself wanted some original engagement photos… we aren’t really the type of people to sit in a park and stare into each others eyes so we did this instead…. Oh! I made the cake! (its done in our “wedding colours”)   Enjoy!   Photography by Will Fournier http://willfournierphotography.com   …